Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Morning After the Hernando County Primary

From JAZ Zydenbos

Thank you all for those that volunteered, contributed and voted in my campaign as candidate for Hernando County Commission, District 1 ®.

We all did what we could, but in the end not enough voters turned out primary day to effect our win over the incumbent.

During this past year of my run countless new friendships and alliances have been formed that will last us all a lifetime. I personally enjoyed the challenge of running each day and have learned much about the citizens of Hernando County, their economics, politics and love for this beautiful part of Florida.

So it is with gratitude again that I thank you ever so dearly for have given me the opportunity for this chance to serve. Special thanks to Teri Lyon, my campaign manager who was challenged more than anyone.

Best wishes to my friend Wayne Dukes who put up a gallant fight for District 3.

And congratulations to my friend Jim Adkins for his primary win in District 5. They are both HERNANDO HEROES.

Both of these candidates were a constant source of inspiration over this past year and ironically we all served with honor in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam war.

I am far from planning on being idle after this marathon. You can count on my continuing involvement with the Realtors Association, the Kiwanis, VFW, and the Hernando Beach Club. I also have immediate and future plans to stir the county political pot. You really didn't think that I would fade away now, did you?

For now, God Bless you and God Bless Hernando County,
JAZ Zydenbos